Short film High Definition | 19 minutes | 2019 | Language Dutch | English subtitels
Anemoia is a short Essay Film about a young woman named Anna who is trying to understand a certain feeling she's having called 'anemoia', which means: nostalgia for a time or place you have never known. While she tries to explore her anemoia, daydreams keep occurring and a life in the present seems unreachable.
Filmstill Anemoia
@MACA Exhibiton space, Amsterdam NSDM Werf [2022]
Film Festivals Selections | Exhibitions
2020 | MACA [Moving Art Centre Amsterdam], Museum Night [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
2019 | Go Short, Home Grown [Nijmegen, The Netherlands] 
2019 | Kinoskop [Belgrado, Servia] 
2019 | VERS GALLERY [Amsterdam, The Netherlands] 
2019 | The Netherlands Film Festival, student competition [Utrecht, The Netherlands] 
Director, editor & sound designer
Pelle Nijburg 

Ward Trommelen

Jouke Koning, Pelle Nijburg

Max Ploeg, Mark Schonagen

University of the Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands 

© Pelle Nijburg