Short film [installation] | Ultra High Definition [4K] | 28 minutes | 2023 | Language: Dutch | Subtitles: English
Carnation is a short film based on a true story about the relationship between two neighbours. Henk is an artist in his twilight years. Daily he longs for his dear friend and neighbour Rinke, who brings his groceries and leftover flowers from the supermarket. Rinke enjoys these daily visits, but is challenged in his role as a caregiver.
Filmstills Carnation 
@ WORM Exhibition space, Rotterdam [2022]
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2023 | WORM Rotterdam, Graduation Show '54 BMP' [Rotterdam, The Netherlands]

2023 | Metropolis M 
Director, DOP, editor & sound recorder
Pelle Nijburg 

Henk van der Ploeg
Rinke Nijburg

Piet Zwart Institute, 2023 | Arnhem, 
The Netherlands

© Pelle Nijburg